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Check engine light p0101 keeps turning on and off? HELP!

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Check engine light p1101 keeps turning on and off? HELP!


I have a check engine light that will stay on for a day or two and then turn off on it's own for a day or two and then come back on and it just repeats this routine, I finally received my OBD2 scanner and plugged it, I get only one code which is P1101, I've read other threads that it's the MAF but appenretly it could be 10 deferrent things leading to this problem. Does anyone know if it could be the air intake ( I have a k&n typhon intake ) or the pcv valve or maybe the MAF sensor or ect...??

I have a 2011 cruze LTZ 1.4t automatic

btw My car doesnt shake, seems to be running fine. Honestly I've been having this check engine light issue for over two months, I had thought the whole time it was just a gas cap problem turns out it wasnt. stupid meee...:sad010:

Hopefully someone can help me out because I dont want to further damage the car if anything.
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"The ECM detects that the MAF sensor signal is not within a predetermined range of the calculated MAF value." Sets the P0101.

Has two very fine wires in it whose resistance varies with temperature, since ambient is always changing, one has to be exposed to the same ambient temperature as the reference, the other resistance will vary depending on the air flow rate, applied to a differential amplifier then a voltage to frequency converter fired to the engines computer.

Debris on the exposed wire increases the thermal resistance producing false readings, can be cleaned, if not, the MAF must be replaced.

Vehicles are produced to very strict emission requirements, don't dare fool with the controls of the engine, up to a $40,000 fine if caught. Only thing left to fool with is the air cleaner and the exhaust at the cat back that has the only effect to produce more noise.

Another way to get more noise is to remove all of the sound dampening material added to your Cruze with no effects on your check engine light, rolling down a window or installing a 1000 watt sound system also works. Or you can marry my ex-wife.
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